ANB Vacation Memo – May 8, 2019

With respect to the Memo sent out today from Jean-Pierre Savoie, RE: Vacation process (clarification).

The Union would like to clarify the following:

  • As an organization, we do not want to be in a situation where we have to assign vacation as per Article 26.08 of the CUPE collective agreement. 

We do not agree with the employer assigning our vacation. As 4848/1252 are currently in bargaining for our next Collective Agreement this would be considered a change. Any such change must be mutually agreed to. If no mutual agreement is made it then violates the terms of “Stat Freeze” with respect to labour laws in New Brunswick.

In the unlikely event the employer puts pressure on any 4848 member that they mustpick their union vacation as indicated in Article 26.08, will result in a complaint to the Labour Board and will be dealt with quickly.

We do not anticipate this to be the fact as MHSNB are wanting to work with the Union to ensure everyone can get as much vacation as possible. If you have any issues surrounding the process please reach out to your Station Vice-President or Executive.

In Solidarity
CUPE 4848