COVID-19 #4

CUPE Local 4848 members,

I want to start off again by expressing my utmost appreciation on the service all Paramedics and Dispatchers are providing during this COVID-19 pandemic. All of you are doing an amazing job during this time and I want to personally thank you.

I apologize for not providing more communication over the last week. We had a video message almost ready to be released, but as the information and directives are constantly changing, the message was null and void by the time it was ready. Communication and transparency still remains one of my priorities. I will try to keep you updated as much as possible.


I want to welcome all the new paramedics within Ambulance NB. I commend you all for being willing to provide support during this time of great uncertainty and hope you will continue to grow in this profession for years to come.


The current PPE direction has been sent out from ANB in regards to all related COVID-19 calls. This direction is not just from Ambulance NB but the recommendations communicated through Health Canada and the World Health Organization. Please remember that we will need a N95 mask for any call where airway adjuncts are being used.

I encourage all members to read all communication coming from the company. There is a lot of information being released. We need every member to be kept informed on updated information as past messages may not be relevant or have changed from when they were first released.


By request of Ambulance NB and in an attempt to streamline our issues, I will be directing all COVID-19 questions and concerns though our Bargaining agent CUPE 1252. They remain in daily communication with ANB and RHA’s as well as government during this COVID-19 pandemic.

I encourage you to continue to reach out to your station VP or regional President to have your issues addressed.


I encourage everyone to make sure you take time away from social media and this pandemic. Ensure you take time to refresh. As our profession is both physically and mentally demanding, our upcoming days, weeks and possibly months will affect everyone in one way or another. If at all possible, take even a couple hours a day to spend time with your family.

Ambulance NB has a new directive to pre-screen prior to working. This tool is designed to give people some guidance on what they should do.  We should remind everyone to help with this process.

If the projections from other areas of Canada and the world follow trends here in NB, then we will all be in contact with COVID-19 in one way or another over time. With that said, any opportunity to reduce the exposure for our co-workers and family is crucial. Safety for all should be your priority and I’ll do my best to continue to fight for your safety as the President of your Union.

Please remember to stay safe and if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed or just need someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thanks again for everything you are continuing to do!


Andrew McLean
President, Local 4848