COVID-19 #6

I want to start off by expressing my utmost appreciation for the exceptional service every Dispatcher and Paramedic have provided our province during this pandemic. I understand it can be overwhelming, with changes in direction, updates on policy, and government limiting movement. This not only takes a toll on us as individuals but also has a great affect to our families as well. Please remember to take time for yourself to relax and unwind and reach out for help if you ever feel the need.

With the daily numbers continuing to remain low or none at all, hopefully we can see the State of Emergency lifted sooner than later in NB and start the new “Normal” whatever that may look like in the near future.

Brothers and Sisters in Nova Scotia,
Local 4848 and Executive would like to express our heartfelt condolences to our first responder brothers and sisters who were affected by the tragic loss of life in Nova Scotia on April 19, 2020. We understand there are many ties between our two provinces and I wish to extend our sympathies to anyone who has suffered a loss during this time.

Although members are hurting and will need much time to heal, please know we are here for help and support whenever you need.

Professional Fees (Article 39.10)

As of this last pay, all members who paid their 2020 PANB registration/re-registration dues should have received a $100 reimbursement check from our employer. If you have paid for the current year and had not received this please reach out to your OM or Station VP to have this looked into. If you are a member on a Leave of Absence, ie: Maturity leave, Work Safe, etc., you will need to submit proof of payment to AMB. If you are one of these individuals please reach out to your OM or HR consultant.


As of the time I prepare this message, I have not been updated on when the yearly vacation request schedule will be sent out. The last communication that was sent to the membership stated that the vacation request period was postponed and would be looked at on or before April 30th.

I would encourage you to summit your vacation if possible so it’s in. The timeline of when the company will approve the yearly vacation is not available yet and I’m sure we will be given enough time to submit our request but I wanted everyone to be prepared as much as possible.

New PPE Mask

As communicated by our employer, the new 3M 7500 mask have arrived. The new mask is available in different sizes; therefore, all members will need to be retested. There are approximately 950 members that need testing. As you can understand this process may take a bit of time to complete and the company is trying to get it done as soon as possible. The priority for fit testing will be for members who don’t have a proper N95 mask and members who take a mask where the supply may be harder to obtain. I would ask you to be patient and to make yourself available for testing when contacted.

Work of the Executive

The Executive Board met via video conferencing on Tuesday to address regional and provincial issues. As we are in different times our main goal is to make sure your issues and concerns are communicated to our employer and dealt with in a timely matter. I am pleased to report that the lines of communication with your Union and the employer have been consistent. Both sides continue to have open dialog and many issues are looked into and are being ratified quickly.

I would also like to take a moment to reflect on the Line of Duty Death of Cst. Heidi Stevenson. I would also like for us all to take a moment and reflect on all the other victims involved in this tragedy. We stand strong with our Brother and Sisters in Nova Scotia as they did for us not so long ago. I have sent letters on behalf of our Local to the President of the NFP representing RCMP officers and the President of the IUOE 727 Nova Scotia Paramedics Union offering our condolences and support.

Please remember we are here for you if you have an issue. Please feel free to contact your Station VP, Regional Presidents or myself if needed. Please understand that some answers may take longer to respond to but we will do our best to provide updates to your concerns when we have them.




Andrew McLean
President, Local 4848