COVID-19 #8

Welcome to Summer!

We are finally all at the yellow stage in the province and all businesses are allowed to be open.

We are now allowed to travel throughout the four Atlantic provinces without requiring isolation on our return.

With this increase in flexibility comes the increase of potential exposure to COVID-19. I encourage everyone to remain vigilant in protecting themselves and your family as much as possible and follow the recommended guidelines that are in place.

I am extremely pleased how every paramedic and dispatcher has stepped up for your community and this province over these last few months. Many members went above and beyond to make sure our province was and is safe during this pandemic.

As we hear the term “New Normal” I feel at this point we can agree it’s not “New” anymore and definitely not “Normal” as we know it.


As the company has completed the vacation approval process, we understand that some members were denied some of their yearly vacation requests. I encourage all members to resubmit the denied vacation under short-term leave request to allow the shifts to be looked at again closer to the dates you requested.

The Executive and I will continue to address your vacation denial concerns with management.

Work of the Executive

This Executive continues to remain in contact making sure we are addressing your concerns. I can assure you that this remains a daily occurrence.

We continue to try and follow our by-laws as best we can throughout this pandemic. You should have seen the “Expression of Interest” with regards to “Station Vice-president Elections” posted in your station, as well it was shared on the Local’s Facebook Page, website and e-mail last week.

I understand that our future is still unknown, and at the time of writing this e-mail, no dates have been communicated to me on a hearing. I will continue to inform all members of any validated information as it becomes available.  The Executive and I will continue to represent all members the best we can, as long as we have the authority to do so.

Mental Health

Throughout this pandemic, and with the normal stressors of our profession, we are all challenged with physical and mental demanding calls. Our compassion to help others causes many to put our own issues second.

I encourage any member to reach out to family, co-workers, company provided programs, this Executive, or myself if you ever feel the need.

I want to thank everyone for continuing to provide exceptional service to our local communities and to the province as a whole.

I continue to be proud to be a part of this team! My hope is as the days go by more restrictions will be lifted and we will be able to have our old “Normal” back.

Enjoy your summer, be sure to take time for yourself to relax and unwind.




Andrew McLean
President, Local 4848