COVID-19 Vaccinations

We respect and understand the importance of receiving this vaccination for the health and wellness of yourself and your families. We also understand some of you have very valid reasons to be part of the first ones on December 19th and 20th. However, as a Union, we have to balance this need with the need of maintaining the EMS service. It would not be ethical or appropriate to leave areas of the system out of service.

Due to the nature of work and the lack of adequate staffing within ANB, we are unable to get all members off on select dates. The union does feel that the employer should make all attempts to try and back fill for those members who have been selected to receive the vaccination on days they are scheduled to work. At this time, the employer does not agree.

The interpretation of Article 27.12 in our current collective agreement is for “medical and dental appointments” when they cannot be arranged outside of work hours.

Although we can argue that this may be considered a medical appointment, it is also being offered throughout the year until all groups receive the vaccine.  As frontline clinical workers, we remain part of the top priority group in the provincial rollout of the vaccine.

With more dates and locations becoming available in all health regions closer to our members, it is our hope that ALL ANB employees will be vaccinated in the first few months of this rollout.

There will always be conflicting schedules that will need to be dealt with, and with more dates beginning in the New Year we hope that will severely reduce these conflicts.

We continue to represent all members the best we can and to make sure we are bringing your concerns forward and updating you with the facts as they develop.




Andrew McLean
President, Local 4848