CUPE 1252 – COVID-19

Sisters and Brothers:

Today, the Local executive signed an agreement with government that will allow for the deployment of other sector workers into our field of work. It is vital that healthcare operations continue to function as close to the maximum level as possible and that may very well require other public sector employees from Part I ( DTI, Social Workers, Court Stenographers, Service NB (Corrections/Laundry), Part II Schools and Part IV (NB Liquor) to be assigned to assist us in a workload crisis due to COVID-19.

You may be asked to work in a different area than you are used to, but it is for the same reason that those other employees may be coming into Health, to provide adequate coverage to that particular department, unit or facility. We may see schedule changes, but we will be involved in those types of decisions before they happen. We will make sure that whatever the changes may be (if necessary) you will be properly informed and educated for the position and work required. Your health and safety is paramount to us.

I understand that many of you will have concerns about this move, but we are in uncharted waters and we hope that you all understand the importance of keeping this system functional and I want to thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

In Solidarity

 Lisa Allen
General Vice President
CUPE Local 1252