December Newsletter

Bargaining update:

Your bargaining team met with the government bargaining team on November 19, 20, 21st.  During this period, we continue to work on housekeeping issues and have dates booked to meet in December to continue the process.  We ask that you attend your Local Union meetings as we move forward for up to date information and the vital role the membership have.

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to your Union.

In Solidarity,

The NBCHU CUPE Local 1252 Bargaining Team        

Classification Review

The Treasury Board is continuing with their review of the classification. Once a decision has been reached, CUPE 1252 and 4848 will be notified. Local 4848 and the Executive Board continues to represent the needs of the membership

Labour Management

The Executive meet with the employer on November 27 in Fredericton. Many topics were discussed and resolved. Once the minutes of the meeting have been finalized, translated and signed by both parties, they will be released. We anticipate the release of the minutes early in the new year.

Sick Notes

In certain circumstances, the employer may request that you provide a sick note from a doctor for a sick leave (see Article 27 of the Collective Agreement). The employer may ask that the note be dated during the illness and be provided to your OM on your next shift.

In the event you are charged for this note it will be at the responsibility of the member to pay. If you are requested specifically to have ANB’s long form completed the employer will reimburse you the cost of that form.

Adverse Weather

The employer has updated the adverse weather policy (4020) and the Adverse Weather Resource Management Plan (version 3.1). This will be released in December with the policy review update.  The big change in the policy is when you cannot return to your station due to severe weather.

Through discussion from both sides the understanding is for affected employees to stay in a hotel and be compensated with your hourly rate as outlined in the Collective Agreement until such a time that you are able to return to your station and conclude your shift.

PANB re-registration

Tis the season…. It’s the Paramedic Associations Annual Fund-raising event…. You heard right! It’s time for all PANB members to re-register!

This happens but once a year…. Don’t miss out as tickets are available for a limited time. December 15th to be precise.

If you miss this amazing opportunity you may find yourself in a very sticky situation and no one wants that at the same time the December Credit Card bill comes in…..

Uniform Allotment

Quick reminder that the uniform allotment banks will be topped up on Jan 1st and you cannot carry over from one year to the next. If you have unused uniform allotment and need uniforms now is the time to get them ordered.

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