Double Over Time

Dear Members,

CUPE 1252 and 4848 have reached a MOA with the parties in regard to the pay rate for staffing Ambulances across the province.

  • The rate will be Double Over Time for all staff that are eligible for the Overtime Rate of pay as per Article 23.
  • Those employees that are below the 150-hr threshold will still be paid according to the CA at their regular rate of pay.
  • The payment will be only for hours worked on a unit and will not be for any other worked performed within the service, IE: training, court appearances, etc.
  • Advance Care Paramedics that take an extra shift as a Primary Care Paramedic for overtime, will be paid double time at the Primary Care Paramedic rate.
  • This agreement is only in effect until December 14, 2018 and will be re-evaluated at that time by the parties.

This agreement will be in place for 30 days to allow all parties to work collaboratively to come to an agreement surrounding the Retention and Recruitment issues. Government has announced the new Health Minister this morning and this should help with the staffing issues in the interim.

All parties involved agree that more needs to be done and we are all committed to working on a solution for all involved.

We would like to thank every member of 4848 who have supported this executive and this Union.  Collaboratively all the parties are making steady progress every day. This is a slow and hard process, but with your support, trust and patience, will make this one of Canada’s best EMS services to work for.