Executive Meeting of CUPE 4848 and 1252

Sisters and Brothers,

On Friday November 2nd, the Inner Executives of both L4848 and L1252 had a meeting to discuss the current situations going on within ANB.

First and foremost, the meeting was to confirm from the bargaining agent (1252) if they were indeed on board with a wage adjustment, and their response was they will always support a wage adjustment.

4848’s discussion with 1252 was that as a local we need a 23% increase from the Government for wages of Dispatchers, Paramedics, Paramedic Coordinators and ACP’s.

1252 are in full support and will work closely with the 4848 Executive to secure a wage increase on our behalf as any MOU or agreement of this nature would need to be negotiated and signed by the Bargaining Agent. To further assist 1252 in this endeavor, the Executive of 4848 will be working on a formal document fully outlining our requests, including the arbitration ruling and increasing unit hours by 10% to be presented in a press release and to government once government is formed.

Second part of the meeting was to deal with the Double Overtime. An Emergency Conference call with 1252, 4848 and ANB was held on Wednesday, October 31st. It was agreed at that meeting that ANB would be putting a message out to the membership explaining why the agreement was halted and how things would be moving forward. The local will wait for ANB to release their formal message prior to responding.

We understand there is much going on between the current political situation we are in as a province and also the reclassification movement that is also going on.  We would like to first and foremost make you aware that we (L4848) are fighting every day to get what Paramedics of NB need as outlined above. That is our focus at present. We do not wish to get involved in what would most certainly be an ugly affair discussing the reclassification.  The local sent out an e-mail on behalf of CUPE National Servicing Rep – Sam LeBlanc. If anyone has questions, they may contact any member of the Executive for clarification.

In Solidarity,

4848 Executive