Expression of Interest [Station Vice President Elections]

Every two years the term of Station Vice President becomes available. Even in these uncertain times CUPE Local 4848 will continue to abide by the democratic system and measures we have in place.

If you would like to represent your station colleagues on behalf of your station both with the employer and that of the Union Please consider this important position.

Job Description:

  • Communicate on a regular basis, the business and communications of the local to their membership;
  • Hold union meetings, in accordance with current by-laws;
  • Maintain Union board with communications of the local;
  • Pass on all electronic communications and post on union board;
  • File and maintain grievances on behalf of members, representing and honoring the grievance process as outlined in the collective agreement;
  • Copy all grievances and forward to their respective Regional President and the Grievance Officer;
  • Following the AGC, semi-annual meeting and/or emergency meeting(s), Station V.P.’s shall communicate a summary of the meeting to their respective members.

You must also pledge the following:


I, _______________, do most sincerely promise that I will truly and faithfully, to the best of my ability, perform the duties of my office, for the ensuing term, as prescribed in the Constitution and By-Laws of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, and as an Officer of this Local will at all time endeavour, both by counsel and example, to promote the harmony and preserve the dignity of its sessions.

I further promise, that at the close of my official term, I will promptly deliver all monies, books, papers or other property of this Local in my possession to my duly elected successor in office.

This expression of interest will remain open for 14 days and shall close at midnight Sunday July 12, 2020.

Please submit your name and the station you are working out of to the appropriate Regional President:

  • Stations in the North Region can email Yanick Mongeau [].
  • Stations in the South Region can email Denny Cogswell [].
  • Stations in the West Region can email Scott Gavel []
  • Stations in the East Region can email Bobby Kemp []
  • Members at MCMC can email Phil Noel []

I would like to thank you in advance for all who put their name forward.

Executive Board, Local 4848