Government Announcement

Premier Higgs made his announcement today on the implementation of a dedicated transfer service as well as working to have the Arbitration Decision’s Judicial Review cancelled within 30 days. He has also stated that his government will be continuing to work through the green and white papers that have been submitted.

First we as a local must commend the Premier on keeping his word. He did state that within one week of taking office he would make changes to the Ambulance Service. He has kept his word on that. The Local would like to go on record to state that the changes that the government has announced will not make a difference to the retention and recruitment that this profession is currently suffering from in New Brunswick.

We will be looking to set up meetings with the Premier, Health Minister as well as with Mr. Kris Austin. We need to work on getting a 23% wage increase to the system and work to come up with other incentives to bring New Brunswick paramedics back to New Brunswick and to attract new people to the profession.
This was a good first step from the Premier, however much more work needs to be done and needs to be done soon. We will continue with our efforts to make positive changes for our profession. This fight is far from over.