January 2018 Newsletter

Sisters and Brothers,

The Executive Board met with MHSNB back in December for Labour Management as well as the Executive met with the Senior Management Team in Jan and were able to get quite a few things accomplished.

Uniforms – Uniform Committee in Place to meet this month about optional uniform accessories and quality issues. Boot Limits have been increased.

Uniform Policy – The Executive agrees with MHSNB with compliance of the policy and agreed to inform the membership that the Local is on board.  Any issues with policy please contact your OM or Union Rep.

Stocking Issues – MHSNB has identified issues with the current stock locations. Committee is being implemented to look at how to improve this.

Winter Storms – Generators and preparedness, Still in the works and now waiting for Government and RFP process to be completed.

ANB Vehicles – Back Up Spotters – MHSNB have noticed more and more incidents of not having a spotter when backing up. Please remember this must be done unless it is unsafe to do so.

Call out / Scheduling Telestaff issues – Items surrounding this are still currently being worked on by both the executive and MHSNB including the PC and ACP lists.

Further information will be available in the Labour Management Meeting minutes one they are approved after our next Labour Management Meeting in Jan. 30, 18

In Solidarity
Joe Cormier
Recording Secretary