July Newsletter


Internal Shuffles
The local has agreed to allow internal shuffles within the station.

The shuffles will be limited to Unilingual to Unilingual and Bilingual to Bilingual Positions ONLY. This is a trial for the next two (2) job posting postings. This is based on seniority and is voluntary.

Dallas Mercer Consulting
The employer has hired DMC to manage ANB’s Work Safe cases on their behalf. They are working with Work Safe on an Early Return to Work program.

DMC have reached out to community partners due to the limited light duties available within ANB. Work Safe ultimately will approve or deny the offers made in consultation with your medical team’s recommendations and your abilities. Failure to comply when Work Safe approves a DMC placement could have your benefits suspended or even cancelled.

Work Force Telestaff
The local is aware of the issues with Work Force Telestaff.

We are addressing issues as they arise and the Telestaff support group are working hard to correct these issues also.

Accommodations (Long Term)
In the unfortunate event that you become disabled and are placed on the accommodation list, it is recomended for you to advise the local to ensure that you do not get lost in the system.  

Human Resources have assured us that they will also advise you to do this.

PTU – Breaks
In the event you are not getting your meal break within your meal break period, please contact a union representative immediately. We need to track and correct these issues as they are happening.

We are aware that issues are arising with members assigned to the PTU’s and not getting breaks. We have brought this issue forward to senior management and are working to come to a resolution to ensure our membership are getting their breaks.

Paramedics – You should all be receiving your NEW BLUE SHIRTS! Please remember that this only goes live on August 1st. If you have not ordered them as of yet, please get on it!

Dispatchers – the online uniform store is currently under construction and we have been advised this will be online very soon. We are anxiously awaiting this!

Retention & Recruitment
The local is still lobbying the government on the current working conditions and wages for all 4848 members.  

This movement is not dead; it is just currently not in the public eye. Government has committed to us they are looking at other jurisdictions on wages, skillsets and working conditions in reference to ANB Paramedics and Dispatchers.

The local is currently preparing a document to present to senior government officials in support of Retention and recruitment. A retention and recruitment plan was developed by ANB and has been approved by their Board of Directors and will now be presented to Government and the Unions.

Annual General Convention
The 12thAnnual General Conference will be held at the Crowne Plaza Downtown Moncton on October 1st and 2nd, 2019.

This is open to all 4848 members. If you wish to attend, please register at 4848.cupe.ca and click on the AGC registration tab. Register as a guest.