Labour Board Complaint

As most of you now know, CUPE has filed an application and two complaints with the Labour and Employment Board with respect to the Reclassification of Paramedics.

This was done to ensure that the proper process is followed, as to this point, we have no assurance that this process was done properly. To be clear, this is an automatic for any union and NBU also indicated that they would do the same if this happened to them.

We would also like to apologize to members who have learned of this through social media. This was certainly not the intent. We can also confirm that neither Local 4848 nor Local 1252’s funds are paying for this process.

If the reclassification to NBU is overturned, it is obvious that we will have to reflect on how to move forward as a union. This process has already started as the Executive of Local 4848 had a Special Meeting with all VPs today to discuss the situation and receive feedback from the membership. Everyone knows that the status quo is not acceptable. We all agree that paramedics are professionals and should be recognized as such. At the end of the day, we all need to work for the betterment of the membership, no matter what happens. Local 4848 has been fighting for years to improve the working conditions of its membership and protect them. This will not stop no matter what.

In Solidarity.