Membership Message

I hope everyone had a great March break and were able to get away from the job for a day or so to spend time with family and your “Steady 10” friends.

Regional Zoom Meetings

The first round of provincial zoom meetings is complete. I want to thank everyone who attended.  You brought great questions forward!

The Executive has started work on some of the issues and have compiled a list of items to work on with our employer.

Since the meetings, we were able to get dates with PANB.  Both groups can discuss options on helping move forward in professional scope and also in compensation.

Continuing with my mandate of improving communication, we are looking at continuing these meetings. On a moving forward basis, we want to hold a provincial meeting once a month. Dates and times are currently being worked on.

Reclassification Hearing

The hearing date (if needed) is scheduled for March 24th. If you are interested in observing, please contact the Labour Board and request a link.

It should be noted that a decision will not be given at that session.

Work of the Executive

The Executive is scheduled to meet on March 10th in Saint John. This will be our first face to face meeting since December. It is the intention in part to complete a review of the regional meetings and develop full action plan to deal with the concerns brought forward. The Executive and employer are scheduled to meet on March 11th for a virtual Labour Management meeting.

If anyone has any question or concerns, please reach out to your station representative or your Regional President.

COVID-19 Updates

As COVID-19 evolves, we are seeing an increase of e-mails on the ANB site. I encourage everyone to stay updated as much as possible. As we see the changes in the provincial phases, we also see how the phases have been modified since they were first introduced.

Remember, we are all surviving this together!

Possible Phone Scam

It has been brought to our attention that someone is calling members stating they are a CUPE Representative and wanting more information. We are unaware of any division within CUPE that would be doing this. In the past, this Local partnered up with a mail out from AIL Insurance. Within the mailout was a yellow card for free life insurance. For members who completed the card, AIL would contact you because you gave them your information to do so. At no time has this Local or any other branch of CUPE given your contact information to a third party. The mail out was completed by the local and paid for by AIL.

If you are contacted, please get the name of who is calling and forward that to your Regional President.


Andrew McLean
President, Local 4848