Membership Message

Members of Local 4848,

I hope that during the last month or so, you were at least able to take some time to kick back and relax with family and friends. With some extremely hot and humid days, time spent outside of our uniform was greatly appreciated. With fall just around the corner, my hope is you all have taken the time you need to recharge before school starts and we are faced with even more challenging decisions to adhere to the “New Normal” with your children. As for those without children, it will be as equally challenging with situations that surround the “New Normal” for you as well.

Mental Health

I understand that since COVID-19 started, communication on Mental Health has increased. Although throughout our career many of us have dealt with all forms of mental and physical health issues, COVID-19 has brought many of these issues to light and may become overwhelming.

The main thing I want to stress to you all is quite simple: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! As professionals, we may be hesitant to reach out when in need and there are many programs available.  You will always have your friends, family, this Executive and I to reach out to if you ever want to talk.

Job postings

Due to an unknown IT issue, not all members received the e-mail notification letting you know that the job postings were up. This caused some issues that I am pleased to say we were able to resolve through collaboration with the Local and the employer.

As an extra step to make sure all members are made aware of postings, I have recommended that it be posted on our Social Media Page. We feel that posting this information is not only beneficial to the members who are looking for permanent jobs but also helps out the operations side of the employers’ organization. The job postings go up on Day 1 of the beginning of the 8-week block and the next round of posting will be available on September 3rd. If there is any change to this posting cycle, we will immediately inform the membership as I am sure the employer will as well.


Since the last message we communicated on our local bursaries, I am starting to see a few come in. I encourage everyone who is interested to please do so and return the completed forms by the deadline.

Also there are four bursaries available through CUPE 1252.  Application forms and criteria can be found on their website under “Education”. Best of luck to all that apply!

Station VP’s

Expressions of Interest for Station VP’s in station and in region have concluded, and the positions have been awarded for the next two years or as long as we have the authority to represent our members. Some VP’s may be covering two or more stations during this term.

I have asked all VP’s to post the local’s contact information on the Union board at the stations. I have also requested that all provincial messages (e-mails, newsletters, job postings, etc.) be printed off and placed on the union boards as well. My main goal since taking over as President is to keep ALL members informed to the best of my ability.

Annual General Convention

If things remain consistent with COVID-19 and Public Health, this year our AGC will be held from October 6th – 8th at the Fredericton Inn. This convention is open to ALL 4848 members. Due to social distancing and public health criteria, we are limited to how many members may attend. All additional members showing interest in attending will be given credentials to attend on a first come – first served basis.

If you wish to attend, please visit and register under the AGC Registration link. Otherwise you can reach out to your station VP to have your issues or concerns addressed on your behalf.

Updating contact information

CUPE local 4848 and CUPE 1252 as a general rule do not keep the mailing information of our members on file. We have language in our collective agreement to receive that information from the employer whenever we wish to mail something out.

Your pension plan is managed by Vestcor; however it is overseen by the CUPE Pension Trustees. In order to receive mail-out information with respect to your pension, you must update your information with them directly. CUPE Local 4848 does not have the authority to update or make changes to your account. You can contact their office at (506) 453-2296 and I am sure they will be able to help.

Work of the Executive

We continue to work together on your behalf. Our next meeting is scheduled for September16th in Moncton, with our next labour-management meeting set for the following day. Your Regional President has continued to address your issues to me and we are working together to get them resolved as best we can. If you have something that you want addressed, please reach out.

Thanks again for stepping up during this unprecedented time and making our province a safer and better place to live.



Andrew McLean

President, CUPE Local 4848