Membership Message

I hope everyone has had a good summer and things are starting to get back to a somewhat normal routine for the fall. With school starting next week for some, we can only wait to see what will happen within the universities and schools to a potential outbreak of COVID. I can only hope that with the way the province has been able to contain the cases so far, we won’t see a spike in new cases.


With the election less than two weeks away now, I can’t stress enough the importance to get out and vote! No matter what party you vote for, I encourage you all to exercise your right to do so.

Our profession and health care in general is in need of major changes in compensation, as well as recruitment and retention. With the years of 1% wage increases, we see ourselves falling further behind in pay each year. The cost of living continues to increase more than our current adjustment causing further strain on our workforce.

We have all shown throughout this pandemic how essential our workers are and now it’s time for the political parties to step up and do their part to reduce future strains on our health care system.

In this election, we have two active 4848 members running in their respective areas.  Phil Comeau is the Liberal candidate in the East Saint John riding as well as André Jobin for the People’s Alliance in the riding of Victoria-La Vallée.  Local 4848 wishes them all the best with their campaign and success on September 14th.

Paramedic Association of New Brunswick

Members are starting to receive their long service medals from PANB. Local 4848 would like to congratulate all members who will be receiving these medals. The continued service you provide this province is commended and truly valued by all New Brunswickers.  Thank you all for what you do day in and day out for our province!

Labour Board Hearing on Paramedic Reclassification

To remain open and transparent with all members, I want to provide you all what has been presented to the Executive of Local 4848 in regards to the Labour Board hearing.

As of our last update on September 1st, 2020:

  • There will be a Case Management Zoom call with the Board and all parties on September 11th.
  • There have been dates discussed between CUPE and the Government that could work for them but these dates were not discussed with the Labour Board. IF or WHEN I receive confirmed dates, I will send out the information.
  • I have been told that they are willing to hold the hearing virtually if they are unable to be held in person due to COVID.

Again I will communicate all updates as they become available and the information has been confirmed.

Expression of interest for Health and Safety Representatives

We are still looking for H&S reps for some areas throughout our province. If anyone is interested in these positions, please reply to with the area you are interested in representing.

Local 4848 survey

Over the next few weeks, you all may see a survey to the members from our local. As discussed in our Special meeting in January with the station VP’s, we were to follow up with the membership. Due to the pandemic restrictions, we were unable to travel around the province to talk to members in person or in a group setting. As an Executive, we want to make sure we complete what we stated we would do coming out of that meeting. Our intent has always been to ensure we represent all members the best we can. The data collected from this survey will hopefully give us better direction moving forward should we remain in CUPE.

Work of the Executive

This executive still remains in contact to better represent all members until such time as we no longer have the authority to do so.  Our next Executive Board meeting is scheduled for September 16th with our Labour Management being held virtually on the 17th. If you have any items that you would like to have addressed, then please reach out to your area president to have them addressed at our meeting.

The plans are still ongoing for our AGC on October 6th – 8th in Fredericton. This meeting is open to all local 4848 members in good standing. Should you wish to attend part or this entire event, please register online at and click on the AGC picture. These meetings remain compliant with the department of Health guidelines with social distancing and disinfecting.

Thank you again for your continued service during this pandemic and we hope we can continue to work for the betterment of all members.




Andrew McLean
President, Local 4848