Membership Message

I hope everyone had a chance to unwind and relax for the busy summer. With the leaves starting to change and the cooler temperatures, I know some of our members are starting to get out in the woods for relaxing hikes and some are even in search of the “Monster”! No matter what your avenue of relaxation is, I encourage you all to take time for yourselves. Time off is well deserved for all that we have been through together throughout this pandemic as well as a chance to recharge in the event of a possible outbreak.


The election has come and gone and we are now faced with the task of making sure our newly elected MLAs are doing what is best for each community and this province.  Health care, recruitment & retention, as well as decent wage adjustments are all long overdue. As leaders in the prehospital field, we see the effects to the public and how people fall through the cracks when hospital hours and services are reduced.  We will continue to work with any party that will keep the safety of our members and the public their number one priority.

Labour Board Hearing

On September 11th, we received confirmation that the Labour Board hearing on the Paramedics Reclassification will be held virtually on November 4th – 6th with back up dates of November 16th – 18th   2020. A quick message was sent out to your station VP to keep them informed as much as possible.

The Executive is hoping to have more details to provide to your elected union rep at our upcoming Annual General Convention so you can be updated as much as possible throughout this process.

Work of the Executive

The Executive officers are meeting September 16th – 17th with Labour Management on the 17th.  We remain consistent in trying to work for the betterment of all dispatchers and paramedics, while we still have the authority to do so.

As always, should anyone have issues that need to be addressed, please forward them on to your Regional President.

Annual General Convention

Where the province still remains in the YELLOW phase of the pandemic plan, the AGC still remains to be an in-person convention on October 6th – 8th at the Fredericton Inn.  We are able to respect the department of Health guidelines. The meeting is open to any member of CUPE 4848; however due to social distancing protocols, any member who wishes to attend must pre-register. Final timeline for registration is October 1st, 2020

If you are unable to attend and have an issue you would like addressed, please contact your station VP to make sure it is brought forward on your behalf.

Expression of Interest for Health and Safety

The expression of interest is completed and we were able to fill most of the vacancies. I want to thank all members who were and are willing to step up and help make our work environment safer for all members.

In the areas that remain open, our employer may reach out to members in the future to see if anyone may be interested in filling the positions as an interim rep or permanent moving forward.

Mental Health

With the many changes we have gone through over the last seven months, I know that we all are facing many challenges, and with school starting back up we are forced to deal with our normal “Cold ” symptoms.  We are trying to deal with so many issues coming from all directions and that can be overwhelming at times. In these times, we need to look out for #1 “Ourselves” and #2 “Others”. There are many great programs available and many friends and coworkers who are willing to talk to anyone who needs help. Your Executive is also here as well to help in any way we can.

Thank you all again for making this province a safer place to live!




Andrew McLean
President, CUPE Local 4848