Membership Message

I want to start off by commending you all on working endlessly throughout this Pandemic. With three zones now in the “Orange Phase” we understand the importance of remaining vigilant to reduce the spread of this virus.

I am extremely proud of every Dispatcher and Paramedic that has stepped up to provide exceptional service for each community of this province.  Your hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed by this Local.

Mental Health

With the increase in social distancing and with the holiday season fast approaching, this also brings a lot of emotions to the surface. If you or anyone you know is having difficulty, I implore you to please reach out to a friend, colleague or to whoever. Please understand you are not alone and there is support available if you ever feel the need for help.

COVID-19 updates

I encourage everyone to try and keep updated as much as possible during this pandemic.  As things move forward, we are seeing changes in  mask wearing, gathering sizes, and family bubbles just to name a few. The latest updated version can be found on the Public Health website.  As well anything pertaining to our profession will be communicated by our employer, so please check your e-mails and “the Source” before you start your shift.

PANB Registration

The December 15th deadline is fast approaching; I encourage members to complete this process as soon as possible. There are many suggestions on social media of podcasts, webinars, videos and websites that can be used for this upcoming year’s credits. If you find you are still having issues getting enough credits, I would ask that you contact you PANB Chapter rep for assistance.

If you are having problems with the site or have questions on the registration process, please reach out to the PANB office at (506)459-2638.

Work of the Executive

Due to the impact of the second wave and three areas in the “Orange phase”, I have suspended all in-person executive meetings until such a time as we are back in the “Yellow phase”. In the meantime, the executive still continue to meet virtually to take care of the day-to-day issues that surround the working conditions of Dispatchers and Paramedics within Ambulance New Brunswick.

The Executive Board met in Fredericton on November 19th for an Executive meeting in the morning and we connected virtually with Management for a Labour Management meeting.

We were able to move forward on a few follow-ups and a couple of new issues were brought forward.  Once the minutes have been finalized and approved, we will get them published.

Our next Executive meeting is scheduled for December 10th & 11th via zoom with an inner-Executive meeting with the employer scheduled for the afternoon on December 10th.

If you have any issues or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your Station VP, Regional VP or myself and we’ll do our best to respond to you in a timely manner.

Please remember to stay safe and keep up the great work!


Andrew McLean
President, Local 4848