Membership Message

Welcome to 2021!

It has not started out to be the way we want but as always you all continue to step up and deal with whatever comes our way. I hope that during the holidays you were at least given the opportunity to relax and have some much deserved time off with family and friends.

With the recent increase in active COVID-19 cases in the province, we understand we must remain vigilant in our efforts to reduce the spread as much as possible. As our policies and direction from the Department of Health continually change, please try to keep updated as much as possible by visiting their websites.

Executive Members

Our MCMC Regional President Philip Noel carrier path has led him to take a new job with the Federal Government and has resigned his permanent employment within ANB and has resigned as the MCMC Executive member. I want to thank him for the great work and dedication he has given to this Executive on behalf of our dispatchers and wish him great success in his future endeavors.

We also would like to welcome Angele Richard to the Executive team as the new MCMC Regional President. I look forward to working together to help our MCMC members move forward.

Sam Leblanc has also returned as our CUPE National Rep. he completed his other temporary assignment. Welcome back Sam!

I would also like to give a huge thank you to Denis Brun for filling in for him in his absence and helping with our Local concerns.

Hearing Update

As per the last communication I received on Jan 7th, the hearing will proceed as planned on Jan 12 – 15, 2021.

If anyone is interested in joining the virtual hearing, please reach out to the Labour Board and request the link.

Vaccination Rollout and update

This weekend marks the second vaccination dose for our members who went to Miramichi in December. My hope is that all members who want the vaccine will be done as soon as possible.

Local 4848 is not part of the discussions on when the vaccine will be delivered or available in different areas in the province. This communication will come from the Department of Health or the RHA’s that AMB would fall under. It appears that the communication on the second dose that was available in Moncton was only sent out to members in the East from what we can tell.

I will try my best to see if we can get more open communication from the Department of Health moving forward. At this time all I know as fact is that Paramedics are part of the first priority group to receive the vaccine.

Mental Health

With the increase in daily active COVID cases we are seeing an increase in mental and physical stress in ourselves and the public in general. Our call volume has increased as well as we may feel overwhelmed with the constant changes in colored phases in the province as our “Normal ” routines are affected.

I encourage anyone that feels overwhelmed, stressed or depressed to please reach out to family, friends, coworkers or even this Executive if you feel the need to talk. We have access to programs like EFAP and if needed. Please remember you are not alone and we are willing to help in any way we can.

Work of the Executive

Due to the Orange Phase we have moved back to virtual meetings until further notice, and we remain in almost daily communication to make sure we are addressing your issues as much as possible at our level. I encourage you to reach out to any station VP our executive member if you have any questions or concerns. The complete list of station vp’s and contact information can be found on our CUPE Local 4848 website.

Thanks again for your exceptional service and please stay safe.



Andrew McLean
President, Local 4848