The sunny weather is finally here and we can begin to enjoy the outside. With the gatherings in some zones now at 50 or less outside, we can finally get together with more family and friends.

As these last few months have been quite interesting, we must remember that things can change very quickly if we don’t remain vigilant in our approach to this pandemic.

Zone 5 Campbellton Region

Over the last two weeks, we have seen how fast this virus can still spread. We must remember that all members are dealing with this virus in different ways and I ask that you remain respectful to anyone that is affected.

As the public starts to travel and feel more relaxed with few new cases, we, as health care providers, must remain diligent for the potential of an outbreak in your own community.

As health care professionals, we will always be held to a higher standard in the public eye and I ask that we support our colleagues who are affected as best we can. As many of you would agree, we all take a risk of contracting many infectious diseases every time we put on the uniform.

I encourage you all to remain vigilant on the wearing of your PPE when you can.


With the new MOU in regards to vacation, the company will have until June 30th to approve or deny our vacation.

We are seeing that most regions have already started this process and due to open slots, the dates some members are requesting are being denied. I will be in contact with ANB next week at our Labor Management meeting and vacation will be one of the main items discussed.

In the meantime, if you are denied your yearly vacation for certain dates, I would encourage you to resubmit them as a short term leave request so they can be considered again.

New Equipment

As communicated by our employer, we have a couple of new items in the units now. The old helmets are being replaced and moved to the top shelf in the back and the company has purchased new PPE gowns.

The new gowns are more weather and fluid resistance, and should help with inclement weather patterns we experience here in the Maritimes. As a result, they are also warmer to wear, especially during the warmer months. As communicated in the memo, be mindful to keep yourself hydrated after any call that you are required to wear them.

Work of the Executive

Your Executive will be having a conference call on Monday for a Labor Management. This will be the first Labour Management meeting since the State of Emergency was declared.

A few Executive members are also attending a full-day virtual meeting for CUPE NB convention on June 25th.

Since COVID-19 entered our province, myself and the Executive have tried to make sure that all your issues have been addressed. Some have been resolved and others we are still working on. Rest assured your issues are being moved forward, it’s just a bit slower with the changes in how everyone is conducting business.

If you have an issue that you need addressed, please reach out to your station VP, regional VP or myself and we will do our best to help anyway we can.

Mental Health

Throughout this pandemic, we have all been tested in one way or another. Many of us are dealing with juggling of schedules for childcare or working extra to keep services running.

As everyone deals with certain situations differently, please be mindful that if you ever need help, it is available. Whether it’s through a work provided program or reaching out to family or co-workers, I encourage any person to reach out if you ever feel the need.


COVID-19 will go down in the history books I’m sure. The changes the membership and public have gone through so far and continue to deal with are unprecedented.

From graduations, social distancing, major events, parks and sporting events all changing in one way or another, you have all stepped up to do what you can for this province.

I am pleased to be part of this great team of Dispatchers and Paramedics and hope we can move forward and see more restrictions removed in the coming months.


Andrew McLean
President, Local 4848