Newsletter 02 – January

Sisters and Brothers,

Here is another update on the activities we have been up to:

Transfer System:

  • ANB is looking to release a document to the membership on how the transfer system will look and how the roll out will be presented.
  • This document also has a FAQ section. Further questions were asked and ANB is working to have this cleaned up and released hopefully this week.

Floater Team Position:

  • This is a new initiative that was first announced in the CBC as well as the Peoples Alliance political web site.
  • The Local was informed of the directive at 2pm Jan 21, during a Conference Call to discuss the Transfer System.
  • Where this is a new initiative many questions are being asked. Please allow the Executive time to meet with Medavie and get the details sorted out on this file.

Medic Center:

  • Our Sisters and Brothers of Medic Center are feeling the effects of increased work load due to being short staffed.
  • Many of the dispatchers are not taking their breaks in order to be there to keep the center going.
  • Let’s support our MCMC Sisters and Brothers by acknowledging them with nothing but total professionalism.
  • As a dispatcher you are faced with difficult situations and difficult calls; as paramedics let’s not add to that. If you are becoming frustrated with the assignments being given by your dispatcher, please do not show this over the radio. Acknowledge the request professionally and contact an OM so they can look into it. Allow the Managers to work on a resolution for all involved.

Labour Management:

  • We are still scheduled to meet on Jan 31 in Moncton.

Meeting Requests:

  • The Local has formally requested meetings with:
    • The Minister of Health and
    • The Minister of Finance.
  • We are waiting to hear back from their respective offices.

Stay Safe and In Solidarity