Let us take a moment and remember the lives of the four people murdered in Fredericton on the morning of Aug 10, 2018.
  • Donald Robichaud
  • Bobbie Lee Wright
  • Cst. Sara Burns
  • Cst. Robb Costello

A Regimental Funeral was held for the two slain Police Officers, Cst. Sara Burns and Cst. Robb Costello on Aug 18, 2018 in Fredericton.

A heart felt thank you from each and every member of the Executive Board to all members who went to the funeral and marched in the parade. One of the biggest things we can do in Emergency Services is honour our fallen with such dignity and respect.

To all who died, may you find peace.

CUPE 4848 
Many members are not receiving the mass emails. The program is showing the emails as received but not opened. In most cases the emails are being sent to the Junk Folder. We would ask all members if you are receiving this email to let other members know so they can fix the issue.

With 1252 getting ready for bargaining it is important that the Local can get information to you. We would also ask that every member please get in touch with your Station Vice President and update them with your current email and phone numbers so last minute information can be passed to you quickly and accurately.

CUPE NB is currently setting up a robocalling system which is discussed further down in this newsletter.

The Executive of 4848, with 1252 and CUPE NB can not stress enough the importance of the Breaking the Mandate campaign. We need EVERY CUPE member’s support. 4848 Members have spoken very clear time and time again we need more money. Cost of living has risen more then our raises!  4848 Members are not alone in this War. The Government of New Brunswick has systematically done the exact same thing to every public service worker in the province. There is a saying … “CUPE STRONG”, lets show the Government exactly what “CUPE STRONG” means!

It is time that all CUPE members come together united and with the strength of numbers and show our elected officials that 1% raises are NOT acceptable!

Please remember all contract proposals need to be submitted to the Recording Secretaryby midnight of Monday August 27, 2018.

The Executive is working hard on getting everything ready for this years 11th Annual General Conference. This years conference is being hosted by the Days Inn and Suites Moncton on Oct 3-4, 2018. This conference is open to any and all 4848 Members in good standing as well as invited guests. If you wish to attend please click here to register and for more information.


Your voice matters heading into the next round of bargaining.

The Executive of 1252 and the President of 4848 will be touring the province to inform, educate, and listen to the membership. 1252 is the Bargaining Agent for 4848, as such it is important for this Executive to hear from 4848 members about our needs and issues. We need your input and help. Please find a location close and attend it possible.

CUPE 1252 Executive Provincial Tour Dates

Sept.  4th–Moncton CCNB 7pm
Sept. 5th–St. Stephen Legion–3pm
Sept. 5th–Saint John Exhibition Grounds–7pm
Sept. 6th–URV–Florenceville Motor Inn–3pm
Sept. 6th–Fredericton–Fredericton Inn–7pm

Sept. 10th–Edmundston–Four Points Sheraton–7pm
Sept. 11th–Campbellton–Civic Center–7pm
Sept. 12th–Tracadie-Sheila–Inkerman Civic Center–1:30pm
Sept. 12th–Bathurst-Union Hall–7pm
Sept. 13th–Miramichi–Kin Center–7pm


Hello All,

As you all know member participation at the mass membership meetings will be imperative to show whoever forms the new government that we are taking bargaining and real wage increases seriously .

In order to help our Locals reach members we will try doing some robocalling but we need your members’ phone numbers to do this . We do not need names, just phone numbers on an Excel spreadsheet (please send these to Simon). I realize that many of you may only have phone numbers of your Shop Stewards and Executives, this will be helpful if it is all you have. It is important that any phone numbers you have be sent to Simon this week.

We really need all CUPE Members to be aware of these meeting and have to use all forms of communications we have at our disposal . We will also be doing radio ads and are looking into newspaper ads as well as social media ads and our website.

Most of all, we will be depending on you the Leadership to get the word to your members . Remember all parties will be counting the cars. The complete schedule will be out this week.

Daniel Légère
President / président
CUPE New Brunswick – SCFP Nouveau-Brunswick
113 rue Englehart Street, Dieppe NB  E1A 8K2
Tel: (506) 857-2816