No further update is available at this time.

Health Care Summit

There was a Health Care Summit planned for March 14th to be hosted in Moncton. We have just been advised that the Summit has been cancelled and unsure if or when it will be held again.

Labour Management

The next meeting has been scheduled for April 21st, 2020.

We will try to have an update available shortly after, and have the minutes officially released within 2 weeks.

Rapid Response Units

There has been a recent communication from ANB about the current RRU positions being extended and vacant positions will be posted. These positions will be until the end of November 2020.

ANB is looking to expand the scope of the RRU Pilot; however they will not be adding any additional skills and you will remain within your current scope of practice.

Chute Times

In Labour Management, it has been expressed by the employer that chute times are a major issue within our organization. According to them, they have been forced to place units roadside at times. Both sides discussed an awareness campaign to let people know how they are doing overall and on an individual basis, and to see if we can improve.

We have been made aware that some OM’s have been sending out emails asking for incident reports for your chute time being over. The tone of the letter has been perceived by some as cold and clinical, that you have done something wrong in some cases. That was not the intent that was discussed at Labour Management. We would ask that members do not confront their OM’s or RM’s via email chains but rather acknowledge the email in a polite and friendly manner. If your OM or RM wishes to discuss it further, please contact a Station Representative or a member of the Executive.

We intend to further discuss this at the meeting in April. Please stay tuned.


I would like to acknowledge every dispatcher on behalf of myself and that of the union for the exceptional job and service you provide. Whether it’s the calming voice on the phone to the public or dealing with multiple units responding to different locations and priorities, I personally want to thank you for all that you do day in and day out.

If any paramedic has the opportunity to visit Medic Center, I encourage you to do so and see the behind the scenes look of what their job entails.


To our Primary Care and Advanced Care Paramedics, I want to thank you for the exceptional care you provide to your communities and to the people of New Brunswick. We will continue to work towards a better system that allows every ACP to work to their skillset and reduce the workload on our current practicing Advanced Care Paramedics.

I ask that we all remain professional when dealing with each other on the radio and/or over the phone. I understand the frustration due to the increased workload, call volume and the ever changing SSP however please understand that we all are trying to deal with the limited resources we have at the time. I will continue to try to resolve some of these issues at the senior management level.

Breaking the Mandate

(March 9th – 13th) – You should receive an envelope in the mail. I encourage you to read over the information enclosed.  This is a CUPE NB provincial update.

Seniority List

The seniority list was posted on the website. We have received many reports of issues with the list.  The Executive has been in contact with senior management and payroll to identify where the problem is and to have it rectified immediately.

The corrected list has been updated and we have been told there was an issue when moving the file from and Excel document to a PDF. I would ask for everyone to verify their seniority.

Work of the Executive

The Executive Board has been brought back up to full complement, and all members are committed to work on your behalf. As our future is still unknown, we will continue until such a time as we no longer have the authority to do so.

The Executive Board met on February 24th and 25th in Moncton for our monthly meeting. Many items were discussed about current situations and issues with Paramedics and Dispatchers. Our next monthly meeting is scheduled for March 19th and 20th again in Moncton. If you have anything you wish to have discussed at that meeting please contact your Regional President or any member of the Executive Board.

If you have any issues, then I encourage you to reach out to your Station Vice President or Regional President. You can find a list and contact information at You are also more than welcome to contact me. All of us will do our best to answer you in a timely manner.

With the mental and physical stress that every member of Local 4848 deals with on an almost daily basis, I encourage you to take time for yourself or reach out to someone if you ever feel the need.


Andrew McLean,
President, Local 4848