February 2018 Newsletter

Sisters and Brothers,

Retro Pay: Retro will be paid for every employee who worked any hours straight time or at the overtime rate after July 1, 2015 up to November 28, 2017 and meet the criteria outlined in article 44 “Retroactivity” of the collective agreement. ANB is looking to have it paid out on this pay (Thursday, February 15, 2018)

Professional Fees: is to be paid out to all casuals this pay (Thursday, February 15, 2018). This goes towards your 2018 registration period. You will receive another payment to go towards your 2019 re-registration at a later time.

NB Family Day (3rd Monday of February): This is a new “Stat Holiday” under the Employment Standards Act and as such any casuals who are working this day will be paid at the overtime rate. All full-time members have had an additional 7.5 hours added to their stat bank.

Uniform Changes: The Local and ANB have met to go over how this will work. A release will be out shortly.

Dedicated Transfer System: this is still in its infancy. Only information on this is that it is something that is being looked at and worked on. Any details of this project are not available as they are still drafting ideas on how this will work. It will be 8-12 months before anything is released.

Arbitration Hearing on Language Policy Grievance: The hearing has been scheduled for February 15 & 16th 2018. We have been told to expect a month’s wait for the ruling.

4848 Website: The local will be launching a NEW Website! It will have a new address as well. The new site should be going live in a week. Look out for the update! I hope you are as excited as I am to have this project completed.

4848 Spring Education Session: This year the Education and Business meeting have been scheduled for May 28th & 29th, 2018. Station VP’s:  please ensure to register. For any 4848 general member, you are welcome to attend the business meeting. If you would like to attend this meeting which is scheduled for the afternoon of May 28, 2018, you will need to register as a “GUEST”

https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/4848-education-2018-english-tickets-42398898246 (English Link)

https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/billets-4848-education-2018-francais-42429985228 (French Link)

Please be safe and respect each other
In Solidarity,

Joe Cormier
Recording Secretary