Retro Pay Newsletter

Retro Pay

As you are aware, there were major issues with the Retro Payout on February 15th, 2018.  Many members had an overpayment and many were underpaid.

The President, Greg McConaghy, contacted the employer requesting that a detailed summary be given to each member showing how the retro for each person was calculated and how they reached the amount paid.  At the time of this communication, the local has not received a definite answer to this. However, each member who would like to see the breakdown of their own retro payment may request this information themselves. If this is something you would like, please e-mail your HR and Payroll Representatives for your area.

The President, Greg McConaghy has also talked with HR about the repayment for those individuals who have received overpayments.  HR would like this to be paid back in full over the next three (3) pays. The President is requesting four (4) pays. Depending on your situation, if this does not work for you, again please contact your HR and Payroll Representatives to discuss a repayment plan. Once you have spoken to them and if a resolution has not been made, then contact your Union Representative or Executive Member.  Be advised that the union does not have access to your payroll or financial records.

I am sure further communication will be presented from Ambulance NB once everything has been sorted out.

In Solidarity,

Joseph Cormier
Recording Secretary
CUPE Local 4848