Paramedic Services Week

This year the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada have themed Paramedic Services Week:

“Pandemic: Paramedics on the Front Line”

In keeping with that theme, I am very proud of each paramedic in this province. With all the uncertainty surrounding paramedics in this province, each and every one of you has stepped up to an overwhelming task. Professionalism, morale, compassion and understanding have all increased as we all come together in the fight against COVID-19, the first pandemic to really affect us in New Brunswick.

As Paramedics, we hesitate to accept appreciation as we tend to strive to put others first and sometimes even at the risk of our own wellbeing. Appreciation is a fundamental need for everyone and is proven to help with morale, productivity and makes for a happier work environment.

Paramedics Services Week is our week to shine a light on the excellent work paramedics do day in and day out as front line workers. We need to recognize that what we do continues to play a vital part in the success of flattening the curve. Paramedics Services week is also the first week New Brunswick is in stage Yellow of the New Brunswick Recovery Plan and we move further to the “New Normal”.

Let me finish off by reminding you that YOU are VALUED, the work you do is IMPERATIVE and I THANK YOU for it!



Andrew McLean
President, Local 4848