Permanent Floater MOU

The Union and ANB have signed an MOU for the creation of 33 permanent “float positions”.  This MOU has been put in place to reduce the number of unilingual paramedics occupying positions on a temporary basis, while respecting the Official Languages Act.

The Breakdown:

  • 33 positions in the province have been identified as bilingual (12 part-time and 21 full- time) and has been filled repeatedly with temporary assignments. Those positions only will be reposted on May 8, 2019 as permanent unilingual “float” positions as 12 part-time and 21 full-time positions. The positions will be open only to current casual and current part-time PCP’s as of May 8, 2019.
  • The positions will be awarded to the most senior qualified applicant in accordance with Article 31 of the Collective Agreement. Sliding Scale does not apply.

  • The bilingual positions occupied by these permanent floats will be reposted every 8 weeks. These postings will only be available to language-qualified (2+ or higher) applicants. In the event a person is displaced or “floated”, that means they must be re-assigned to another position within their “geographic area”. The geographic area has been set to “within a 100 km radius of the original float position’s home station” If no position is available, the floater will remain in the geographic area as an extra and will maintain their permanent full-time or part-time status as the case may be.
  • All future bilingual vacancies will be posted and if there are no bilingual applicants (2+ or higher), the position will be filled by a “Float” PCP as stated above. If there are no Floater PCP’s available, the position will be awarded to the most senior unilingual applicant as a 24-week temporary assignment.
  • The employer may create additional “float positions” as required.


The Executive of 4848 wish to thank all the members for their continued support with respect to complying with the Official Languages Actof New Brunswick and making it fair for PCPs in this province. This endeavor has taken many years to accomplish. Through rallies and lobbying, the Government has heard our cries and have made what we believe is positive change.

Let us all take one more moment and Celebrate this Victory!

  • 33 permanent positions have been created and;
  • the sliding scale is gone!

In Solidarity,

CUPE Local 4848