Presidents Message

I wanted to provide you with a few updates on what’s been going on over the last week:


CUPE 1252 was in bargaining on January 14th and 15th. I truly wish every member was a fly on the wall in these sessions. In my opinion, the disconnect between the government and the value they have for public services provided every day is completely mind-blowing. I truly believe that all Unions moving forward have a huge battle before them when dealing with this current government for any future negotiations.

Addition of unit hours

I was recently informed by members in the West and South that notice has been given to the membership from the respective regions that more unit hours and positions are coming. I contacted the Vice-president of Operations, J-P Savoie, and only after asking did I receive formally the addition of personnel and Unit coverage. MHSNB is still in the early stages and any information I report at this time would be total speculation. I have however been told the increase in unit hours are 12 hours being added to West, 36 hours being added to the South and East will receive 24 hours. Lastly, we were told they are looking to have this implemented in March 2020. The Executive will look into this in more details next week at our Executive Meeting on January 23rd. If anyone has issues in this regard, please forward your concerns to your Regional President.

Uniform Allotment

There are discrepancies in some members’ current 2020 allotment amounts. Based on final communication with the implementation of the navy shirts, the Uniform Allotment should be $782.25. This does not include your boot allowance. I have contacted the employer and they have responded. It is currently being looked at by the company’s representative in charge of the uniform allotment.

Special Meeting

As you should all be aware by now, a message was sent out to all the Station VP’s informing them of a Special Meeting being held on January 24thin Moncton. We have the National President Mark Hancock and the Regional Director Sandy Harding attending to answer any question about the transfer.

Due to the urgency and importance of this meeting, it has been open to elected members and officers of the Local only. However, based on feedback after the meeting from the Station VP’s or the membership as a general whole, we are more than willing to hold regional meetings if there is interest. Please be patient as I am sure that after the meeting on Friday many questions will be answered. In the meantime, if you have any questions you would like discussed at the meeting, please forward them to your Regional President, Station VP or any officer of the Local.

Unchartered Waters

As your Acting President, I must remind you that I am only a component of this/our Local. Each Member, Station VP, Regional President and Executive Officer is a vital part to CUPE 4848 for its’ day-to-day function. Every Member deserves representation by elected officials of this Local until we no longer are responsible to carry on these duties.

The Executive and I will continue, as we have always done to do our best, to work with government and management and attempt to forward the betterment of all CUPE 4848 members. I’ve reached out to the company in this regard; however, due to the uncertainty and waiting on direction from government, we are seeing hesitation.

If anyone has issues or concerns, please contact one of our elected officers or myself. We’ll do our best to reply in a timely manner. Unfortunately, some questions/concerns will require more time to respond to you with the correct information.

Thank you for your continued service you provide each and every day. As our job requires both physical and mental wellbeing, please take time for yourself or reach out to someone if you ever feel the need.

In Solidarity,

Andrew McLean
President, Local 4848