Presidents Message

Sisters and Brothers,

Christmas is almost here once again, its a great time of year to spend time with family and friends and also to help those in need. We are very blessed to live in a country such as Canada and enjoy our freedoms, religion and rights given to us by our soldiers who fought and died for us on the battlefields.

We are at a unprecedented time in New Brunswick. The Conservatives are leading a minority government, so its obviously not their way or no way. They will have to work with the other parties if they want to stay in power. I have talked with Premiere Higgs on a few different occasions and will be meeting with him next Wednesday to discuss our current situation.

My main priority is a wage adjustment that we have been asking for, among other issues. There is much to be done. I truly believe if we stay together as a membership and keep our focus on what is really important to us…..we can get it done.

Do we want to be seen as professionals, of course we do, but we have to be careful how we get there, our decisions can have a very negative effect on the membership at large. The outcomes may not be what we expect. Let us not forget we as a Union have fought long and hard to get where we are at today, Medavie and Government would love to see us go to NBU. Our strength and autonomy would be lost.  Our voice…. nothing but a memory.

So i ask as your President, lets stay the course and see this thing through as CUPE Local 4848. We will, and can have better wages, and working conditions. Not later, but Now.

Your Executive will be working hard to see this through. We need your support! Let’s send a message to the Higgs Government that we are not going away! We will not stop until we achieve our main goals (wage adjustment and arbitration ruling)!

Merry Christmas

Greg McConaghy
CUPE L4848