President’s Message


Hello sisters and brothers,
As most of you are aware we …4848 had our language grievance upheld and won our arbritration case. This is very exciting news for us evening exceeding our expectations. The ruling went farther then even the proposal we had on the table before we went to the hearing. We will be meeting with medavie asap to work out the details of this very important decision and look forward to moving on to other issues that need our attention. I want to thank you all for your patience and support as we moved thru this process which started In 2013 and ending yesterday. A special thanks to our past executive for all the hard work and perseverance leading up to this and to the current executive for seeing it thru. Thank you Patrick Roy for your excellent job presenting our case and a special, special thanks to Trent and Judy for taking the stand for 4848 and doing what they do so well, represent our membership, in a way that makes us all proud.
Again thank you and keep up the good work…solidarity!!!! We will prevail.