President’s Report

Sisters and Brothers of Local 4848,

As many of you know, we have started a new campaign that is called #systemCRITICAL. The reason we are doing this is because of a major concern with recruitment and retention which is causing many problems for the provincial system. We do not feel like government and ANB are listening to our members or addressing this problem properly. It is felt that the provincial system has reached a critical point for both the paramedics and dispatchers as well as the public of NB.

Here are some of the problems recruitment and retention is causing for all of our members. A record amount of overtime is being worked costing millions of dollars to NB tax payers. We are almost constantly working short staffed while call volume is on the rise. We have great difficulty getting the time off that we need. This work environment has caused many to feel burnt out which can lead to higher sick time along with a higher risk of work place injury both physically and mentally. Most rounds of job postings for paramedics, there are usually 100+ vacancies that are posted of which 15-20% have no applicants. There is a high turnover rate and vacancies in the dispatch center. This shows there is a serious problem going on.

The goal of this campaign is to reduce the amount of vacancies, keep our ambulances on the road and keep the members healthy which in return keeps all of us and the public of NB safe. This campaign will raise awareness to the people of NB and ask for their support. Allowing these concerns to grow is not an option! We need the government and Ambulance New Brunswick to focus on working with us on these concerns. We need to get permanent full-time jobs for our members. We need to get the time off that we desperately need to spend time with our families, friends and loved ones. We need to focus on attracting the future generations to very rewarding professions.

Most of all, let’s get together in Solidarity! Your executive board is committed to see this campaign to the end. So let’s all support each other, get together and be proud of the service paramedics and dispatchers provide for all New Brunswickers. If there is a rally near you, come on out, everyone is welcome. Let’s hit the streets, make some noise and be heard!

In Solidarity,

Greg McConaghy

CUPE local 4848