President’s Report

Hello Sisters and Brothers of Local 4848,

On behalf of the executive board and me, we would like to wish you and your family safe and happy holidays. Our hope is that everyone will get a chance to rest and relax with family and maybe set a few goals for the coming year.

Your executive has been working on an agenda for 2018. Now that our convention has passed, and up until now, we have been busy, and I would like to bring everybody up to date on a few things.

On November 7th and 8th, the inner executive met with the 1252 inner executive to go over the collective agreement article by article, so we would have a better understanding of the intent and interpretation of the articles when negotiated in bargaining. Both groups agreed this would be a benefit for any future grievances or disagreements going forward.

On November 23rd, the inner executive, our rep Kim Cail and 1252 president, Norma Robinson, met with the Minister of Health and his counterparts at his office in Fredericton. There were two topics on the agenda: PETL testing and the level required by government to be bilingual, which is a 2 plus.

A commitment was given to look at PETL and the language requirement. The health minister seemed genuinely concerned with the issues surrounding these two topics and positions being left vacant on a regular basis. He asked for time to go back and have a discussion with government. There will be a follow up meeting at the end of January to see where we are at.

1252 had their executive meetings at the end of November which I attended as your representative on the 1252 board. 1252 agenda is a full one and I will touch on issues pertaining to us.

  1. Electronic voting: there is a committee looking into this to see how we can make this happen when voting on our next contract
  2. JAQ: as per the new collective, this is being relooked at for the LPN’s, and will be into government no later than end of April. I will be requesting that paramedics and dispatchers be next to have the JAQ looked at for us. We have done this in the past, but I believe with the LPN’s having redone theirs, it will give us a starting point.
  3. EMP/MEDAVIE: was also talked about. We have assurances from both Medavie and 1252 that 4848 will be fully involved when we are integrated. There will be nothing happening in 2018.
  4. Contract proposals: believe it or not, it will soon be time again for contract proposals and as stated in the past, this contract will focus mostly on monetary gains. As your representative to 1252, I look forward to representing 4848 as a member on the bargaining team and will truly work with all of my ability to attain our goals.
  5. Provincial tour: 1252 will be conducting a provincial tour around the province in February. I encourage all 4848 members to attend when in your area if possible. There has been a lot of concerns and frustrations over the past few months on how we are being represented at that level. Let’s take part in these meetings and voice our issues there.

December 14th – Labor management meeting, we have many topics on our agenda for labor management. Some are agreed upon and some are not.

Here are few…

  1. Meal break policy
  2. Winter storm preparedness
  3. Stocking supplies at stations
  4. Scheduling and call out process
  5. Vacation requests…. short term, less than 2 weeks
  6. Internal shuffle
  7. Campaign
  8. Transfer system
  9. Uniform allotment
  10. Dress code policy
  11. Emergency day/family day
  12. Hours worked on holidays, roadside posts
  13. Boot allowance
  14. Deployment and roadside posts.

The executive is meeting with the senior management team on January 11th. We are working on an issue right now we feel will benefit the membership and bring some stability into our workforce…I will keep you posted.

Merry Christmas and a safe Happy New Year!

Greg McConaghy