Re-Classify Paramedic Movement

We are fully aware of a group of 4848 members who are actively seeing to separate from CUPE. The root of this is movement is wages and nothing more. The group speak of professionalism and positive change, however the only positive change that this group has even remotely expressed is the wage increase that the Cardiology Technicians received.

From what we have been told the wage increase that the Cardiology Technicians received was from an equality assessment. They also received a raise like the rest of the group which was 1% per year for the contract. The same increase every civil servant in NB has negotiated. It was a one-time assessment that awarded them this increase.

This group also speaks to the fact that we voted down our Tentative Agreement three times and yet it still was passed.  Something everyone should take a moment and think about. Paramedics and Dispatchers are 100% designated, meaning we do not strike. Other groups in 1252 have other designations.  What would the vote have looked like if it was told that paramedics are 60% designated, meaning the bottom 40% on the seniority list will be on strike and receive strike pay of $120 per day for the first week, $60 per day after that and only after manning a picket line. Another option is during the strike all paramedics will be reduced in pay by 25% to help fund the members on strike as well as a mandatory no overtime to be taken during the strike. Do you think the voting numbers might have changed in 4848? I don’t know, I would hope not, but these are some of the things other members in 1252 thought about. This is not fear mongering, this is just reality!

The group also allows people to make comments about other members in 1252 that are ugly and very disrespectful, calling people “unskilled and uneducated”. This is a terrible form of harassment and does not speak anything to a positive change. I would also say that this behaviour is very undignified coming from a professional seeking positive change. Also the 1252 group is made up of people with all types of education and backgrounds. I would like for these individuals to go up to an LPN, Carpenter, Power Engineer, Electrician, Plumber, Refrigeration Mechanic, Respiratory Therapy Assistant, Addiction Services Attendant, etc. and say that they are uneducated and unskilled. That is pure disgust and hatred, Shame to those people, and shame to the administrators and moderators for not dealing with it!

Moving forward, CUPE 4848 will continue to represent the Paramedics and Dispatchers of this province as we have been doing so for the past 11+ years. Working to make positive changes all the time. Change does not happen overnight and it does not happen for everyone at the same time, but it does happen. Stay tuned…. You never know what will happen next……