I would like to provide a statement in regards to the recent communication that was released.

The entire Executive, past and present, have always worked to what we believe was in the best interest as elected Officers by our peers for the betterment of our Local.

As the Collective Agreement was originally designed to work within a hospital setting, it was decided to create a working body of paramedics and dispatchers to meet with management on a regular basis to discuss issues directly pertaining to our working environment while respecting the Collective Agreement and the Bargaining Agent.

Over the past 12 years, your Executive has been able to accomplish MOUs outside of the collective agreement that were designed to improve our working relationship with ANB. They have also successfully lobbied Government in changes to the Strategic Language Plan.

We have continued to deal with Government in regards to a pay increase, and to reduce the retention and recruitment crisis, but were facing a Government that was not interested in that.

In regards to our last communication on the reclassification move, silencing our voice was only stating that these LM meetings / MOUs would no longer be available to discuss as this is currently not available under the current NBU structure. Our current MOUs belong to Local 4848 and would have to be negotiated to be available in NBU.

We have always tried to represent our members to the best we could.

We are not in support of changes to any bill that would have a negative impact on future bargaining power for any local.

We will continue to represent all members until such time as we no longer have the authority to do so.

Resignation letters have been sent to CUPE by President Greg McConaghy and East Regional President Pat Hepditch. These letters have been accepted.

As per the Constitution, all Presidential Authority is hereby transferred to the Locals’ Vice-President. I know the remainder of the Executive Board will continue to support you the members with your day-to-day needs.

Thank you for your support over the years.

In Solidarity,

Andrew McLean,
Vice President, Local 4848