Our Purpose

To improve the social and economic welfare of our members without regards to sex, colour, race or creed. To promote efficiency in Public Employment and to manifest its beliefs in the value of the unity of Public Employees. 

As with any organization or group you need rules for the group to work. Below you will find that document which is the bylaws of Local 4848.

This is a living document that is updated as the needs of the local change.  


Bylaw Changes 



The bylaws are always subordinate to the CUPE National Constitution as it now exists or may be amended from time to time, and in the event of any conflict between these bylaws and the CUPE National Constitution, the constitution shall govern. 

These Bylaws can not be amended, added to, or suspended except upon a majority vote of those present and voting at the Annual General Convention.

Application for changes must be submitted to the Bylaw Chair person in writing within 90 days of the Annual General Convention or 7 days after the Annual General Convention.