Retro #3

Retro Repayment 

For anyone wishing to have a breakdown of their Retro pay, ANB will provide that information on an individual basis; however a request needs to be sent to their Payroll Administrator on or before Wednesday April  4, 2018 (next Wednesday). As for anyone who needs to repay back to ANB, an individual repayment plan has been e-mailed to your ANB account. If you have any issues with the repayment plan that has been provided, you need to contact your Payroll Administrator on or before Wednesday April 4, 2018 (next Wednesday) and work out alternate arrangements.

Please note the Payroll Administrators listed on the ANB Website are outdated. I have attached the name and contact information for each region and area.

Payroll Administrators

Lise Maillet North

East (Rogersville & Bouctouche)

(506) 872-6691

Ann Teakles West

East (Miramichi & Hillsborough)


Susan LeBlanc South

East (Moncton & Sackville)



Lori Gammon Senior Payroll Administrator  
Danielle Haché Senior Payroll & HRIS Specialist