September Newsletter

Call to Action

The Labour Movement needs your help. On Tuesday, September 24th, 2019, citizens of New Brunswick will meet at 11am in front of the NB Legislature. There will be a re-enactment entitled “Death to Democracy”

In support of the Nursing Home Council, a motion was put to the Legislature to give the Council binding arbitration to support their issues. The motion was passed by a majority vote. The government however refuses to follow the wishes of the Legislature, therefore stripping New Brunswicker’s of their Democracy.

Please try to attend if you can. Busses will be provided from the Fredericton Inn to the Legislature to help with parking.

Maritimes Paramedics Conference

The Union Executives of PEI, NS and NB all met in Stanley Bridge, PEI for the 2ndAnnual Maritimes Paramedic Conference. It was a remarkable conference where we came together to discuss the issues surrounding EMS in relation to the individual provinces. Round table discussions were had to identify the biggest challenges for each province and develop working solutions to those issues. It was an excellent conference.

Labour Management

Labour Management has been rescheduled until November 28th, 2019. MHSNB had to cancel due to the Auditor General’s audit that was on September 20th. The earliest date that was made available to the local was the end of November.

CUPE 1252 All-Presidents’ Meeting

The Bargaining Committee of CUPE 1252 has called an All-Presidents’ Meeting for all the sub-locals within 1252 for Saturday, September 28th, 2019. We have been told this is to brief all the locals where we are at with bargaining.

Internal Shuffles.

An agreement between the parties to temporarily open up Internal Shuffles was reached. The agreement was to open up internal shuffle for 2 rounds of postings (16 weeks) and revisit.

The understanding from the Union was, the employer would follow the guidelines laid out in the October 2012 Labour Management Meeting Minutes, with the add on of:

  • Unilingual position for unilingual position and Bilingual to Bilingual position. This agreement currently does not apply to Special Floater Positions, or moving between Transfer and 911 positions.

The time line for the internal shuffles is within the Annual General Conference. Time has been scheduled to address this by the delegates to see what the wishes are from the membership. We would ask that you please speak with your Station Vice-president and let him or her know how you feel about continuing Internal shuffles.