The Local has requested a change in the scheduling guidelines from ANB Policy 4037A – ANB Scheduling Guidelines and Definitions.

The local has requested a change to dropping on the list when call outs are being performed. The change will be “An offer is an offer” and no matter what list you are on you will drop to the bottom of all lists.

The purpose of this change is to bring the scheduling guidelines to be more inline with the language of the Collective Agreement surrounding Equitable Offer.

With the addition of Casual ACP’s, Casual PC’s, Casual RRU’s, etc. the Local feels dropping on all lists will not give one member an advantage over another.

With this change we would ask every member to complete and submit the Attached Form for stations that they wish to take extra shifts so as not to lose out on a shifts you would be willing to work.

We have been told this change will go live with the launch of the upgraded Work Force Telestaff.

We thank you for your understanding in this change.

In Solidarity,
CUPE 4848