Update to the Membership re: Reclassification

The Local’s Executive has been advised that the employer has agreed with CUPE to maintain the status quofor the affected employees in relation to the complaint and application filed until they are finally resolved by the Labour and Employment Board. A stay of proceedings in such circumstances is justified, as both parties agree not to proceed with a substantial change such as the reclassification without first having a ruling from the Board. Government also indicated that if the Board decides that the reclassification should go forward, then they intend to make the reclassification retroactive to April 1st, 2020.

Further, CUPE and the employer have until February 14th to make submissions on the participation of NBU in these proceedings, if any, and the NBU has until February 24th to respond.

As previously stated by this Executive, we are here to represent the membership on the day-to-day operations and keep you informed of where we are at in this current process. We understand and respect that many members are upset that CUPE is challenging this decision. As the reclassification group stated from the very beginning, reclassification needs to be done properly. These are the steps of reclassification when the current bargaining agent has not been part of the conversation with the employer.

Thank you for your exceptional medical service during this time of uncertainty for our communities in this province. As we are all dealing with issues regarding our future in different ways, I ask that we continue to be respectful and professional towards our co-workers and representatives during this process.


Andrew McLean
President, Local 4848