Vacations 2019

This is a follow-up on the memo from ANB’s Management on Vacations.

Local 4848’s Executive Board did not agree to the scheduling of vacations. Accordingly, we are waiting for management to revise their memo.

The Local’s position is this will violate past practice and would be considered a violation of the statutory freeze we currently are in, as the Local is in negotiations for a new Collective Agreement. During this “statutory freeze”, ANB’s management is not allowed to change employment terms and conditions. It is “business as usual”.

Should ANB’s management go forward with this change, the Local will be considering every option, including legal action and a formal complaint to the Labour and Employment Board.

ANB’s Management must realize that this will upset an already disgruntled workforce and we are hopeful they will reverse their decision.

We will keep you informed of any updates. Stay tuned.